“Some ‘splainin’ To Do…”

So it’s been 12 years. Twelve years since I’ve been here. Transplanted by desperation, disgust and deep ennui to a city that holds the record for dreams murdered in their sleep.
You see, dreams sleep lightly or snooze quite comfortably while one works day after day to keep a roof over and food in. Like the body of Eva Peron they lie in state and proclaim outwardly, “I’m only resting! I’ll get up in a minute.”
The difference lies in whether or not the dreamer realizes his dreams are rotting with bedsores before it’s too late. He could end-up like SLOTH in that movie Seven. His head stuffed with dried pine tree air-fresheners.
Also and for fuck’s sake I’m so close to 50 I can feel my parts sagging…use your imagination.
Luckily, or NOT, I am beginning to awaken from my nappy-poo. I see shadows over my closed eyelids and feel the air-pressure from near-by movement in my aural canal.
And I’m doing it in my own natural time. No heinous alarm clock but rather a loving sun rising on the horizon…warming my face. Soon enough I’ll be ready to spring out of bed singing “Once a Year Day” from Here comes the sunnnn.....The Pajama Game. And when I do…sing with me! It’ll be the best time we’ve ever had!


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Keith grew-up in a one parent home as an only child. Funny thing is he has two brothers and three step-brothers. View all posts by keithpatrickdunn

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