Repertoire of a Stoire!

OK. Yeah. I KNOW it’s a funky title. But I kinda like it anyway. My kitchen, my peanut butter and pickle sandwich.


Lemme tell ya a little tale of truth and attitude-in-practice.
Years, many, ago in Indianapolis I was young and non-degreed and working low-wage jobs and acting for FREE but honing my craft. Honing my craft was good and distracted me from all the crap in my life like low wages and dying friends and loneliness.
I practiced the Pollyanna principle.
Then I began to get bitter. After a while, when things were going really badly, I stopped saying positive things to myself. I became angry with the conditions of my life. And although it felt good to be angry, it was seriously detrimental to my ability to attract positive energy.
When I was a Pollyanna, if something bad was goin’ down like late rent or no money for food somehow I would get called for a paying gig outta the blue or get a rebate check from the government or something! My bad energy ended that.
In the intervening years I became numb to the anger, partly through emotional callouses and partially through tasty alcoholic beverages [Edit. I am not an alcoholic. News Flash: Not everyone who drinks and parties when they’re young is an addict.] The numbness allowed me to slowly and very gradually awaken from my torpor beginning with moving from Indy to New Jersey and aided most by my remarkable partner of 9 years, 10 months and  17 days, Carlos.
So now recently you’ll notice…the existence of this blog which demonstrates and chronicles my taking charge of my life and letting light and air back into corners which had been dark and musty for some many years now.
And guess what’s happening. I’ll lay it out for you. I decided to get my acting into shape last year and took a class at Stella Adler Studio for professional actors. Turns out I didn’t need help with the acting, rather I needed help knowing where my talents fit into the hierarchy. Was I any good?!?!?!
I did one monologue two ways: once hysterically funny, once very moving. Sam Schacht, the teacher and accomplished actor, sat with his mouth open in shock and surprise. In a good way. While other class members were struggling with how to even DO comedy at all.
I learned I was quite good at what I do.
My previous entries talk about my vocal issues so I won’t belabor those things here just yet except to bring my current forward momentum to your attention and add that I have my first full HOUR with Susan on May15th. THRILLING!!!!
And what has been happening lately? I got a tax refund that allowed me to buy an iPod Touch for use at my voice lessons, vocal coaching sessions AND on which to keep recordings of my personal repertoire allowing constant study and enjoyment. I really needed it and this happened just in time.
Also exciting is the invitation I got from someone I know to participate in a reading of a new play for multiple Tony winning producer Stewart F Lane. I will be reading the lead, the play is a farce about language. A PERFECT fit for me and about the best networking opportunity imaginable. Thanks Emileena!
So a word of advice: If you’re feelin’ crappy and useless and over-the-hill you aren’t any of those things unless you MAKE yourself those things. Why not make yourself successful?

And now a LIST! Cause they’re fun! These are the songs with which I have decided to start my repertoire. All these songs were either specifically suggested or their composers were suggested or their genre was suggested by Susan Eichhorn-Young. In no particular order:

Just In Time, by Comden/Green and Styne

Night and Day, by Cole Porter (For some reason WordPress won’t let me fix his name but it’s C o l e!!)

Stardust, by Hoagy Carmichael

Marrying For Love, by Irving Berlin

New York State of Mind, by Billy Joel

William, It Was Really Nothing, By The Smiths

You Must Meet My Wife, by Stephen Sondheim

Nina, by Cole Porter

Leaning On A Lamp Post, by George Formby

Moon Over Bourbon Street, by Sting

Please note that where the song was written by a pop icon I have located alternate recordings to listen to. ie: New York State of Mind sung by Mel Torme. Don’t laugh, Mel knocks it outta the park!
I did that so I could have some varied interpretations to free my mind up to create my own. When I go in the audition room I want to be fresh no matter WHAT I sing.


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