Knockin’ Around The Ol’ Place

Well, here I am the day after Thanksgiving.
My partner Carlos and I trekked all the way to his sister’s house, over two blocks away, with some Jim Beam and a six-pack of Coors Light in anticipation of a psuedo-traditional Thanksgiving dinner. “Psuedo” because it was ham and not turkey. But we all love some good ham and OH boy were we not disappointed!
This was no hunk of ham-type porkish meat. NO! This my friends was H. A. M.
There was a big ol’ bone sticking out of it. This ham was farm ham, kids!
This bitch was pig. And this pig was good.
And there was football! I sat on the couch and watched football with Eriel, my brother-in-law, and cheered-on the Jets with a belly full of pig and a brain full of Jim Beam.
THANK YOU! Thank you, you bunch of racist pilgrim bastards. Thank you.

So today I decided to blog a bit. Knock around. Look for a new graphic theme. Add some links. Spruce up the place a bit.
Carlos started his knitting blog today and it was way cooler than mine so I had to do something.

I am enjoying tinkering about.

Plus, it’s keeping me from putting-up the Christmas tree. I want to put it up. I love sparkly, flashing pretty-in-the-dark. It helps reboot my brain and wards-off the December chill. Still, unboxing all the stuff is a chore.

Best get to it then!


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Keith grew-up in a one parent home as an only child. Funny thing is he has two brothers and three step-brothers. View all posts by keithpatrickdunn

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