Jason Specland birthed a MONSTER!

Once upon a time I didn’t have any experience with home video gaming. In 1998 I couldn’t imagine spending money on a machine that played games on a TV! I was there for Pong and it wasn’t that special!
Then my roommate Jason Specland’s parents sent him a new Nintendo 64 console bundled with Princess Zelda: Ocarina of Time for Hanukkah. It was remarkable! How did he know where to find all that loot and how to kill the enemies and save the princess and travel through time and….my mind boggled.
Jason let me play it. I wasn’t very good and truth be told, I still jump a bit where I sit when my character jumps while platforming…hehehe. The Uncharted games are a workout!
Long story short, Jason moved on to MMOs and played Ever Quest online and when he moved from Hoboken to Manhattan he sold me his N64 and all his games for the next-to-free price of $45. Which really WAS like a HUGE gift to me at the time.
Sitting on the floor of our giant apartment in sweats and looking up at the TV perched on the fireplace mantel, listening to the YYYYAA! of the attacks and the incredible music in the game, Ocarina of Time sticks in my memory as one of the cornerstones of what I now know to be my second childhood.
Along with my superb new friends and roommates Jason and Duncan Pflaster and my very first taste of Indian food, OMG!!!!! IT’S GOOD!, and midnight strolls to Bagels on the Hudson, video games gave my brain a rest from the fear of AIDS and who was dying next that was the constant of my life in Indianapolis.
Time marched on and in a couple of years I bought a new Nintendo Game Cube! I actually had the model capable of “progressive scan” to make the picture better! But that model was discontinued because according to Nintendo, their players don’t care about graphics.
It became clear the the cube was dying a slow death of ignore-ance and attrition so I bit the fan-boy bullet and got a used PS2. A big FAT Ps2, which I took online by buying a special attachment, was my first foray into online multiplayer gaming…and I was terrified I’d be pounded into a pulp by far better players than I. Sometimes I was and sometimes I wasn’t.
About this time I began to pay attention to specs in consoles. I also started reading gaming magazines and reviews of the new breed of consoles and the PS3 beat Nintendo by a mile and Xbox360 by 2 miles given Microsoft’s red ring of death issues.
I got my first PS3 console about a year after it was released when I bought a 60G model in 2007. The ONLY model with PS2 backwards compatibility. The price had dropped because the model was being discontinued…it was $400. By the time I left Game Stop I had dropped about $550 total for a second controller and a game or two as well…About 2 years later I bought a new PS3 slim for $299 because the disc drive of my first one died.
I also own the Playstation Eye camera, the Move controller, Move navigation controller, a new RED controller and the PS3 Sony bluetooth headset for online play.
I have bought and downloaded about 35 games from the Playstation Network store. I have bought and traded many games from Game Stop on disc.
Carlos and I have added Netflix streaming, Hulu plus and VUDU clients to the system which have allowed us to downgrade our cable bill from $170 a month to $100 (with boosted cable internet speed up to 32G DL). The Netflix & Hulu are about $31 each month for unlimited access to streaming and 3 blu-rays on disc at home at a time. VUDU is pay per view.
AND then there’s Playstation Plus. For $50 per year we get access to premium and FREE content including the pre-game release beta tests for Killzone 3, DC Universe Online (the first console-based MMO), Dead Space 2 online multiplayer, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood online multiplayer, and Little Big Planet 2. LBP2 and DCU Online are both running NOW.

Right now I am playing Killzone 2 campaign and multiplayer, Infamous to trophy ho it, Dead Rising 2, MAG with Move control, Batman Arkham Asylum plus the 2 betas I mentioned now running.


I have a subscription to Game Informer magazine and the following five podcasts: Sarcastic Gamer Blue show and SGUK, IGN BEYOND!, PSNation & Joystiq Podcast.

Yeah….I’m a gamer.

In the beginning...

Just one part of super hero creation for DCU Online.

Needs More Chainsaw



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