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Stephen Tobolowsky is my Guru.

I have always enjoyed the performances of actor Stephen Tobolowsky. Even when he was “Hey! It’s THAT GUY AGAIN!”
There something so comforting in his persona.
A few weeks ago I began listening to his personal podcast “The Stephen Tobolowsky Files”. I think I understand why I always feel so good watching any performance of his. He is me in a parallel dimension. And I do not mean that in a creepy way.
We have both had similarly quirky experiences. We both have unusually long memories stretching back to before most people remember anything, like pre-VERBAL memories. We are both character actors, he far more successful than I but life’s adventures don’t care whether you got paid or not. You still have the experiences.
He went to grad school in Champagne Urbana IL and I went on a rotten date there once. And we both know a lot of dead people.

Folks, if you aren’t listening to this amazing story-teller’s podcast and listening to him weave a web of real-life with reel-life…you just don’t care about people, acting, kittens or talking dogs.

GO HERE: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-tobolowsky-files/id339001481

The Guru

Stephen Tobolowsky Acts Again


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